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Why should I donate to Docuvist?

We’ve got a few reasons!

1) Easily Access Documentaries: In a media saturated world, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find quality documentaries. To save you time, we’ve scoured the vast voids—a variety of streaming services, niche film festivals, the internet’s deep dark holes—and created previously unattainable documentary playlists focused on causes exposing inequities and injustices.

2) Curated Resources: We’ve also gathered a curated selection of resources so you can easily address that “What can I do now?” feeling, many of us get after watching a documentary.

3) You believe in Docuvist’s mission and the power of documentary films to create impact.

Where will my money go? How will it be spent?

Your money will go directly back into Docuvist. You wouldn’t know it but, running a website can get silly expensive: hosting and domain fees, email marketing software, collaboration tools, plugins, etc. It all adds up.

Will my money go to supporting filmmakers?

Your donation will go towards Docuvist operating costs which may include paying guest filmmakers to appear on podcast episodes or other similar expenses. However, if you wish to make a direct donation to a filmmaker, we have specific donation links within the filmmaker bios.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Sorry, we don't have non-profit/not-for-profit status so your donation will not be tax deductible.

Is there any other way I can support Docuvist besides a donation?

Definitely! If donating isn't your style, feel free to shop our affiliate links.